Agri-Food Business Incubation Centre IIT Kharagpur - AFBIC

Agri-Food Business Incubation Centre IIT Kharagpur (AFBIC IIT KGP) is an innovation and agripreneurship cell for supporting agribusiness incubation by exploring technological innovations for venture creation in agriculture and allied fields. It is aimed at strengthening start-up ecosystem in Agri-food and allied sectors to promote Agripreneurship by facilitating access to technology, domain experts and grant-in-aid for product and process innovation. The centre has been established under RKVY-RAFTAAR program  supported by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India. The Agricultural and Food Engineering dept, IIT Kharagpur is entrusted with the responsibility of creating necessary infrastructure for mentoring and nurturing Agri-entrepreneurs from the ideation to successful commercialisation phases under this centre. The successful startups from the program will be empowered with technological and business acumen who will be the torchbearers for financial independence, job creation and in mentoring and motivating like-spirited entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas.


RKVY-RAFTAAR (Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana – Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rejuvenation ) is a unique scheme of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India, (MoA & FW). RKVY-RAFTAAR aims at making farming a remunerative economic activity through strengthening the farmers’ effort, risk mitigation and promoting agri-business entrepreneurship.

RKVY-RAFTAAR supports agribusiness incubation by tapping innovations and technologies for venture creation in agriculture.

AFBIC, IIT KGP as a R-ABI (RKVY-RAFTAAR Agri Business Incubator):

AFBIC, IIT KGP as a R-ABI aims to support agri-food business entrepreneurs in product development, brand building and advertising, pricing and marketing of the product, technological improvements, IP protection and process optimization. In this process, incubation facilities and expertise already available with IIT KGP are being utilized. The focus of AFBIC is to create a favourable environment for the growth of the start-ups from where they can explore new opportunities related to their area for further upscaling. AFBIC through its two programmes “Agri Orientation Program(AOP)” and “Agri-Startup Incubation Program(AIP)” is providing funding support in the form of Grant-in-aid of upto INR 5 Lakhs and INR 25 Lakhs respectively.

  • To promote, facilitate and develop sustainable start up ecosystem in agri-food and allied sectors with a focus on social upliftment by encouraging startup culture, employment generation and livelihood enhancement.
  • To translate agro & food processing based innovations into startups by incubating pertinent enterprise in order to ensure national food security and rural prosperity through integrated approach for R&D, technology, commercialisation, networking and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To promote agri-food startup culture amongst the enthusiastic individuals.
  • To promote innovation, entrepreneurship and business creation in agri-food and allied sector by skill development, capacity building and technology scale up
  • To create employment opportunities in agri-food and allied sectors
  • To promote an integrated approach for technology acquisition, R&D, IP protection, commercial technology transfer and market linkage
  • To facilitate evolution of a cost effective agri-startup ecosystem by providing technical, legal and regulatory compliance, financial and intellectual property support to agripreneurs
  • To build a vibrant agri-startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institutions, industries and other related institutions.

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